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Other ideas generations skills include the 5W’s.


As a basis for ideas generation, brainstorming has proven to be very effective and when combined with the 5 W’s it can have immense application to the task of picking a business idea.


If any of you are familiar with W5 in Belfast it is a science museum based on the 5 W’s – Who, What, Where, When and Why. 

Just a few examples of what you can see at W5 such as a harp based on infra red that can be played without strings, stairways that are musical instruments in a similar way – you break the beam and a note is played – a different note for each stair step so you can effectively play music by jumping from one step to another.


The 5 W’s in the context of ideas generation are: 

1. WHO will do it, who for, who will supervise, who will buy it (may not always be the end user), who will benefit and who will be included?

2. WHAT is the idea, what are its characteristics, what does it do, what does it not do, what will influence it and what will ensure it is successful?

3. WHERE will it be done, where should it go, where will it be sold, where will the publicity come from?

4. WHEN will/did it happen, when should it start, when should it finish, when should an effect be felt if something new happens either expected or just supposed?

5. WHY should you do it, why should anybody think it is needed, why has the idea’s time come, why do you feel you are the best person to do it?.

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