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Help With Ideas

We have included information on several Idea Generation methods in this section.

Everybody has the capability of thinking of new ways of doing things and are capable of business ideas.


Our work with many schools in the Dublin City area has shown that young people can be very good at creative thinking and with the use of the ideas generation tools covered on this site we think you should be able to come up with a very enterprising idea this year!


Having ideas is about opening your mind to new possibilities and on this website under innovation we have given some ways in which you can challenge your thinking about business ideas. 


Sometimes you need to look at little things that annoy you and see what you could suggest as a means of changing whatever it is about the thing that annoys you.  


Sometimes a little change can make a huge difference and this takes thought.

Thinking about what you would like to happen next in relation to a product or idea can help you come up with new ideas. 


You need to put on your WHAT IF hat. 


What if you changed the shape? What if you changed the colour? What if you changed the smell, touch, material etc.?


The possibilities are endless and the only limitation is YOU!

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