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Attribute Listing

Attributes are things about a product or service which distinguish it from something else. 

Listing a product's attributes often provides cues for creativity and can lead to many good ideas which can be developed.


Physical Attributes  

1.   Shape.

2.   Colour.

3.   Texture.

4.   Material.

5.   Weight.

6.   Hardness/Softness.

7.   Flexibility.

8.   Stability. (rolls, evaporates,decomposes, discolours)

9.   Usefulness. (edible, tool, aesthetic etc.)

10. State (powdered, melted, carved, painted)


Look at all the attibutes of a product that you are familiar with and think about what it would be like if you changed some attribute - for instance if you changed something that is paper and made it card would it add to the value or even create something new.  An example of this would be where you made an envelope and put bubble wrap inside then you would have what we know as a Jiffy Bag. 


Doing this type of thinking allows you have fun with ideas and maybe come up with a new product in the processs.  A bigger than normal cushion can be a beanbag for instance and this type of thinking can be used with so many everyday things that it really does open your thinking up to possibilities!

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