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Ideas Workshop


Our ideas workshops have proven very popular and everybody involved have agreed that they bring the reality of new thinking to everybody who attends. We explore ideas that are already out there and tell the story behind many of them.  Sometimes what is right in front of us is the hardest thing to see.  We bring along products that bring stories to reality for students and wake them up to thinking about the ordinary as extra-ordinary. 


The format of the workshop is delivered in classtime in you school to whatever number of students you require.  We cover brainstorming, 5 W's and SCAMPER as recognised methods of ideas generation and engage students in the process.

Our workshop enables students to explore ideas which can be backed up by examples from our experience of dealing with new startups and mentoring people in the business world to bring their ideas to reality. 

If you would consider taking part in and Ideas Generation Workshop please let us know and we will contact you to set up a time convenient to your timetable.  There is no need for Audio Visual equipment as we bring what we need along.


After the workshop every pupil will be awarded a certificate of attendance which can become a part of an enterprise portfolio.

If you would like to have us visit your school to deliver this workshop please do not hesitate to contact us.

Other Workshops

There is also the possibility to avail of our other free workshops on offer, such as our Marketing and Finance workshops that focus on helping students decide on pricing, product, promotion and place. Additionally, there is also a Business Report Writing workshop available to assist students in making decision on what to include in their business plan. Presentation Skills workshop is another one on offer that teaches students the essential tools needed in bringing their message across in an accurate and engaging manner.


Each school can request for up to three workshops. So choose wisely!

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