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Welcome to the teachers section of our website. We hope some of the information you find here will assist you in preparing your students for the Student Enterprise Programme. In doing so we recognise the challenges and rewards which are involved in preparing students for The Student Enterprise Programme as well as other aspects of enterprise education.


We are very aware that resources and teachers' time is coming under increasing pressure in schools and we will do whatever we can to assist in the delivery of the schools programme to alleviate the pressures on teachers in the classroom. Often teachers acknowledge that having a stranger provide information to the class has an impact and gets students motivated. Additionally, the stories we tell of businesses we have worked with make people think about possibilities rather than problems.


We at the Local Enterprise Office Dublin City endeavour to support teachers and recognise, in doing so, the enormous effort teachers give to students in the classroom.


At all stages we are available to support the teacher in the classroom. Our work with existing and emerging entrepreneurs in the Dublin City area means we have considerable experience which we put at your disposal.  


We aim to support the informed delivery of enterprise education in the classroom.


In response to this challenge we have many services which we will deliver within your school and within class times.  We have student learning logs which encourage students to make their notes and reflections as they go along and this is supported by the teachers manual. If you would like to receive either please email us at Dublin City Enterprise Board so that we can arrange for some to be sent to you.


Our support does not stop there.


We offer much support to teachers in the delivery of enterprise education and many teachers express surprise at how easy it is to get support - you just have to ask and we will do whatever we can within your resources and indeed our own.

These services cover all levels of learning including Leaving Certificate Applied and Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme.


We have listed some of the rewards and challenges of enterpise education as follows:


  • Challenges

  • Coming up with an idea

  • Setting goals and developing plans 

  • Working towards those goals

  • Dealing with people in unfamiliar situations and relaying your message in different ways

  • Working in teams

  • Getting the Business up and running

  • Doing the report

  • Doing all this in public

  • Rewards

  • Learning skills that can be used in any business and can benefit themselves as self employed or their employer in later life by recognising opportunities 

  • Learning skills that can be applied to every aspect of their lives to help them meet challenges they face daily. 

  • Learning to recognise the strengths and weaknesses of everybody including them, and to use the recognised strengths to their best ability while learning to overcome the recognised weaknesses by using other strengths.

  • Using abilities which they have to make things happen rather than just being reactionary and recognising the liberation that comes with this process. 

  • Learning to put their case in a very comprehensive way which will get results 

  • Learning to communicate with others and to present their project in such a way allows students to prepare for presentations which they will face later in life such as interviews.


You as a teacher can vouch for these results and we would like to offer whatever support you need to make sure your experience of teaching enterprise is rewarding.

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