Business Report/Business Poster Deadline Announced!

January 29th 2020 

City Final, Dublin City Hall

February 27th 2020

Registration for 2019/20 is Open! 

May 2019

Social Media Award for All Teams! 

January 2019

The Official Launch of the Programme

December 19th 2019


LEO Student Enterprise Programme is live!

October 31st 2018


Video: LEO SEP Dublin City Final 2019!
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Welcome back from the holidays!


Don't forget the deadline for Business Report/Business Poster and Powerpoint Presentation is January 29th 2020!


You can view the templates here:

Don't forget to schedule your final workshop in January to assist with your report writing and presentation skills!

Next step - City Finals!

If you have any queries you can call (01) 522 4843

Business Report/Business Poster deadline and City Final announced!

Junior Winner