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Project Phases

Phase 1 (September - October)
Idea's Generation

If you and your team decide you will enter the programme, the first step is to start some creative thinking exercises such as those featured here in the student section. If you would like some assistance; we offer Free Ideas Generation Workshops which can get the necessary creative thought processes working.


Workshops must be requested by your teacher and they can do so through our online registration form  or by calling the project office on 01 522 4843.



Phase 2 (October - November)
Marketing & Finance


Once you have registered your interest, start to make or develop your business - only you can make it happen and you can have great fun in the process. Decide on pricing, product, promotion and place!  


We can assist with our Marketing Workshop which looks at all the options available within classtime and is also free.



Phase 3 (November - January)
Get out there

Organise to sell your product or service - this is usually done on school marketing days and really inventive entrants organise to sell the product or service outside school also (broadening the market). Or, with Covid-19 restrictions and new ways of selling emerging all the time, you might decide to sell online.


Once again we offer an in-class workshop on selling skills - just contact us and we will arrange for this to be delivered in your classroom or remotely.  We will talk about where your team or you are at in relation to selling and offer some advice we have learnt along the way. 

Phase 4 (January - February)
Business Report

Having sold your product write up a summary of your business plan to be entered for the Dublin City Final where you will meet our judges and get to meet people from other Dublin schools who will be competing.


Schools can avail of our free Report Writing Workshop where we go through what should be included in your business plan. This is an opportunity to put down everything you have done during the process.  Remember it is also important to tell the judges what went badly and what you might do differently next time as this is a learning process that will stand to you in every walk of life.

Phase 5 (February - April)

If you are selected as a winner in the Dublin City Final you will automatically go forward to the National Finals. Usually held in Croke Park, this is a fabulous day and involves hundreds of students from all over Ireland who have all been involved in the process throughout the year.

There are plenty of great prizes to be won!!! 

Schools are required to present their project in a short presentation. It is an enormously advantageous skill to be able to present and get your message across in an accurate and engaging manner. This is why we are also giving schools the possibility to use our free Presentation Skills Workshop in which students can gain the confidence they need for the finals.

Give it a try this year and maybe we will have you representing Dublin at the National Finals!

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